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Helping people
to access their own internal wisdom
to rise to their
true potential. 

Elevatiom means rising consciousness. Counseling sessions are offered in a setting with the Sangre de Cristo mountains as a backdrop where Spirit, healing, rising and inspiration are at their height. 

I help my clients to open their hearts to the good that is in front of them; to understand that things that happen aren't personal; to make major life changes; to know that they are safe; to open their hearts to possibilities; to move through challenges and perceived obstacles; and to know that they are never alone, Divine Spirit is always with them. 

I am here to facilitate your deepening connection with Divine Spirit, your awareness of your innate knowing, well-Being, peace within, and the creation of the life you choose. 

My life has been all about being a seeker — of truth; my connection with Divine Spirit; of healing the past and creating a loving, fulfilling present. I wish to share what I know and have learned from my journey. 

My background includes the equivalent of a 2nd master's degree in psychology from the United States International University; a master's degree in administration from the University of California, Riverside; and a bachelor's degree in mathematics, also from UCR. I served as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at UCR for a 30 year career. 

I am here for all of you seeking your own truth, maximizing your own potential, helping you to navigate perceived obstacles to find your way and achieve your life dreams. I am here with you and for you.


The fee is $105, which includes tax, for a 50 minute individual session. 


Contact me at or 505-954-1625. 

Be in peace and blessings. 

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